Calculate loan installment: simulate the amount of the installments in one click.

How does Capital Lender’s loan simulation work?

To evaluate the credit solutions proposed by Capital Lender it will be necessary to reach the page of the desired products, in this case, that of personal loans. On the page, simply select the desired amount. Once the value of the loan has been established, we proceed with the definition of the reasons why liquidity is being requested, choosing a category from “Vehicles”, “House”, “Technology”, “Other”.

The system also allows you to include the “Optional Credit Insurance Policy”: if you intend to include it, all you have to do is enter the applicant’s date of birth and click on “Recalculate and Add”. In this case the system will recalculate the amount of the installments including the cost of the credit insurance. If you prefer not to include a policy, you can proceed to the next step by simply clicking on “request loan”. The calculation of the installments is now ready. Capital Lender offers you the possibility to choose to repay the credit in monthly installments.

The platform also reports the applied TAN and APR. By selecting one of the proposed possibilities, you can proceed with the loan request. For the loan application, a few minutes will be enough and the identity documents, the tax code and the IBAN must be kept at hand. To speed up the request process, you can always opt for filling in some fields through your personal Facebook or Google+ account. It is essential to fill in the fields with your personal and residence data, in addition to the tax code. After having read and accepted the content of the documents such as the Distance Selling Information, the Privacy Policy and the SECCI quote / form and having chosen – between email and SMS – the method by which to be contacted, we proceed to the second passage.

On the second page you will enter the identity document data, you can also use your license, and the IBAN. Once this step is completed, we move on to employment data: it is necessary to fill them in carefully, to continue with the request for the online loan. At this point the request for evaluation is sent.

Online or branch personal loan: what are the differences?

Online or branch personal loan: what are the differences?

If it is true that by reaching a Capital Lender point it is possible to deal directly with a consultant capable of guiding you towards the best financial solution for your needs, it is also true that if you already have clear ideas you can do it online independently. Loans suitable for your needs are offered immediately and automatically, depending on your needs. Furthermore, this option allows you to operate at any time of the day, even at night, returning a complete and exhaustive statement of the various opportunities.

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