Can I take a loan for a pesel?

Non-bank loans are easily available products, distinguished by high granting. Thanks to this, they can be used by people who, due to a difficult situation, have no chance of getting a loan from a bank.

Simplified formalities and an easy credit process are certainly an incentive to take out a loan, but they can also raise security concerns. Is it possible to take a payday loan for PESEL alone, without additional documents?

Loan to PESEL number

Loan to PESEL number

People who are looking for a loan offer for the first time usually check the internet for this purpose. There you can find proposals from various lenders who often advertise that they grant payday loans on the basis of PESEL. In fact, it is not possible to take out a loan based on the number itself, because other information is also needed.

All monetary transactions must be properly secured to prevent fraud and loan companies take great care in this context of their clients. Although they do not require additional documents and an ID card is enough, the verification process makes it impossible to obtain a loan from your data.

Can you take a loan without proof?

Can you take a loan without proof?

Non-bank companies want to shorten the entire loan process as much as possible. For this reason, it is not necessary to provide additional documents, such as confirmation of employment or information on the source of income.

Most lenders offer a PESEL loan and ID number, simplifying the application to provide basic information. Therefore, you must enter your personal data in the form, therefore, theoretically, knowing this information, no proof is necessary.

However, this is not enough to get a loan, because you still need to pass the positive identity verification using one of the three available methods.

Security of personal data

Security of personal data

To get a loan, it’s not enough just to submit a correctly completed application and wait for the cash transfer. Loan companies are aware that this could lead to fraud, which is why they have introduced different methods of identity verification.

In Heath cliff you can decide on the most convenient way and each of them is tasked to check the personal data contained in the application with those that will be given for verification. Confirmation of identity can be done by:

  • Verification transfer – is one of the most popular methods. It involves transferring one penny from your own bank account to the lender’s account. It is important that the transfer must be made from a personal account, which is created on the same data as the one provided in the application. It is not possible to take out a loan if the invoice is shared with your spouse or if the verification transfer has been made from the account to other data.

  • Cauntomatic service – this method is similar to a verification transfer, however, it only consists of logging in to your electronic banking. This is a good solution for people who cannot transfer a penny due to overdraft or insufficient funds.

  • GIRO check – choosing this method of verification you have to take into account the need for personal appearance in the post office. Both confirmation of identity and payment of cash is based on the identity card and information sent by the lender.

Various verification methods prevent phishing, but you must remember that fraudsters can trick you into deceiving your data. Although it is not possible to pay for PESEL without additional data, we could often fall victim to fraud without our knowledge. These include, among others, situations in which data was phishing.

The red lamp should light up at the moment, because the use of a website is possible only after registering an account in which detailed data is required.

Also replying to such text messages, where the condition for winning the prize is providing personal data, should raise doubts.

Someone took a loan for my PESEL – what to do?

Someone took a loan for my PESEL - what to do?

Fraudsters are resorting to increasingly sophisticated methods of phishing, so it’s worth guarding yourself against this possibility. First of all, do not provide your data on the Internet, on sites that raise doubts.

It should also be remembered that any contests and prizes to be picked up requiring personal data to be entered are probably a phishing scam. To check if someone took a loan for my PESEL, you can use the available BIK database. Just log in to your profile to get access to all debt information.

If you have noticed that your account has credits that you have never taken, you can be sure that you have fallen victim to fraud. This is a serious matter that you should report to the police as soon as possible and reserve your PESEL number to prevent further scams.

How to protect yourself from extortion?

How to protect yourself from extortion?

It is easier to prevent than to bear the consequences of incorrectly disposing of personal data later. First of all, it’s worth using the BIK alert option. This application notifies you whenever you check your customer profile and download a debt history report.

This may indicate that someone is trying to extort money for non-personal data, which is why the profile is checked by the institution granting loans or purchases in installments. In addition, you must report the loss of evidence to the police and additionally reserve your PESEL number in the bank, which would prevent the use of data to withdraw cash. Many people wonder if they can take a child’s PESEL loan.

This is of course impossible due to the necessity of passing one of the available forms of identity verification. Each loan is granted only to the person who applies for it, so trying to take payday loans is a scam. If you want to secure your use of BIK alerts and enter your data carefully, protecting your privacy and access to personal information.


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