How much does home or house insurance cost?

Burglaries, thefts, fires or flooding are just some of them. So let’s take care of home insurance. Meanwhile, many people do not decide on this step for fear of high costs. Is that right How much is insurance for a flat or house?

Insurance prices depend on many factors

Insurance prices depend on many factors

Insurance prices for flats and houses are usually several hundred zlotys per year. However, it is worth being aware that it is difficult to provide the exact rate without knowing much information about a given property. The price is influenced by factors such as the size of the apartment, its value, location, usable area, collateral held and the scope of protection. All these factors can affect the final price of the insurance policy.

It is obvious that the more issues we want to secure, the more expensive the policy will be. For example, we will pay significantly less for wall insurance than in the case where we also decide to protect movable and immovable property. The price of home insurance may also increase when we decide to include, for example, outbuildings.

Consult a financial advisor and compare offers

Consult a financial advisor and compare offers

If we want the insurance policy to be as cheap as possible, it is worth comparing the price in individual companies. It happens that the differences between policies for the same apartment or house are really big and can be as much as several dozen percent of the price.

However, checking individual policies yourself can be difficult and time consuming. A much better solution is to use the help of a professional financial advisor.

The insurance specialist will thoroughly analyze the scope of insurance protection we need and compare the offers of individual companies, which will allow you to quickly choose the most attractive offer.

Pay in advance for the whole year


Currently, many insurance companies offer their clients the option of paying in installments. This perspective seems attractive, but it is worth remembering that companies do not act selflessly. The cost of the same policy that we pay in installments may be higher than 100 to even 300 zlotys.

A better solution is therefore a one-time expense. It may seem more aggravating, but it is really profitable. It is also worth mentioning the numerous promotional campaigns and discounts for regular customers, which are increasingly offered by insurance companies. Thanks to them, we can also count on savings of several percent of the cost of the policy.

All in all, the price of insurance for an apartment or house depends on many different factors. However, you can reduce the cost of insurance by searching for the most attractive offers and paying for the year in advance. Thanks to this, the price of insurance for your home can be much lower.

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