Is it possible to loan payday loans with a long repayment period?


In times of access to the ubiquitous internet, many financial formalities can be arranged at home, without having to appear in person at the bank’s headquarters. Also payday loan is a simplified process that many people decide to incur a larger or smaller amount for any purpose.

Non-bank companies are competing in offers to attract customers by offering tailor-made financial products. However, one should not forget that borrowed money has to be returned sooner or later, and this can be a problem with a very limited household budget. In order not to fall into debts, it is worth considering both the amount and the loan term, so that after the allotted time the loan is repayable.

Short-term loan?

Short-term or short-term loan ?

There are many financial products on the market whose parameters are favorable from the customer’s point of view. The companies offer installment loans with a long repayment period, thanks to which the borrower can pay the whole amount by paying smaller installments.

This solution, however, also has minuses, because a longer loan period means that the debt will last longer. For such loans, large interest is often charged, which generates high costs, which means that we have to pay back more than we borrowed.

BuddyLend offers clients the possibility of taking a quick payday loan without unnecessary formalities for a period of 30 days. We decide ourselves what amount we want to get and when to pay it back, so the offer is very flexible. Despite the repayment deadline of thirty days, the loan is completely free and has no hidden costs, which means that we must pay exactly as much as we borrowed.

Payday loan for 30 days

Payday loan for 30 days

A long-term loan is a solution for people who want to spread their financial liabilities into a larger number of smaller installments to pay. It should be noted, however, that many companies will not grant another loan if the previous debt has not been repaid, which can effectively block access to quick cash in an emergency. BuddyLend offers customers the option of loaning payday loans for up to 30 days, and after repayment you can immediately benefit from the next grant.

This solution protects customers from falling into a spiral of debt and prevents the accumulation of difficult to pay financial liabilities.

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